The Crown We Share. 

Oh,  the Sacred Head that suffered so tremendously for our selfishness and from it. 

He took that punishment we all deserve, even for the most common of sins…. 

How can we be so gluttonous? So self-serving, barely thinking of others? Of HIM? 

He gives Himself so fully to us and we don’t even pay attention to Him! God is all-merciful,  all loving,  but that doesn’t mean we should abuse His love….

“I firmly resolve,  with the help of Your grace, to sin no more.” When we say this we should mean it. We may be tempted to eat that whole box of Oreos or that whole cake by ourselves,  but we should really share those things with people. Satan loves to get us with those seemingly little things but they’re really not that little. Lord knows I still struggle with resisting sweets and other such indulgences but as long as we don’t continue to resist God’s help (especially when we know He’s trying to help us), we can make it  out of these self-destructive mindsets. There is hope for all of us, as long as we cooperate with God’s grace.

When you suffer from scrupulosity, it can be difficult to believe that there is any hope for you. It feels like everything you do can (or will) send you to hell, no matter what. If you’re struggling tonight, here are some quotes from some great saints that may give you hope. They definitely know suffering, so they’re right there with us.