New House And An Old Friend

This week Dustin and I will finally be moving into our new house, which we were hoping would happen near the end of November. Better late than never, I guess! We slept there Sunday night and last night, which was nice. I’ll have to take some pictures to post here later on. We actually live just a road over from my parents now which will be very convenient when we drop our child off over there or if they have to pick us up for whatever reason. I love that we’re all living in the neighborhood I grew up in now, too!

Tomorrow we will be going to a visitation/funeral for my mom’s best friend Kim….she unexpectedly passed away last year in November but her husband was struggling for a while to get everything together that he needed to have a proper service for her. I can’t believe she died the year after my mom did….I hope they’re both happy now. ❤️💔 We had just started planning my baby shower when she passed away so now I’m going to have to figure out what I’m going to do for that. It’ll work out….I’m sure it will.

Oh, yeah….in about two weeks Dustin and I will finally get to find out the gender of our baby!! I’m so excited!! 😄 We’re not going to do a gender reveal party or anything but we are planning on getting a cake when we find out. I also bought a fetal doppler this past weekend since 1.) I always worry about not being able to hear the baby’s heartbeat at my appointments, and 2.) Because of the pandemic Dustin hasn’t been able to come with me and hear the baby’s heartbeat. I really hope this works because I want to stop worrying about the baby so much!!

I guess that’s about it for now…have a great day! ☺️

Hello, deers!  

Oh my goodness, it’s been a while!  😮

Quite a bit has changed since I last posted here…for one thing,  I have a job now. ^_^ Also,  I’m starting to (at least partially) dress in mori girl fashion and absolutely love the site YesStyle now! They have so much cute stuff on there and I just want to buy everything on there,  hehe! 

 Oh yeah,  I am also vegan now… I started in October and it was partially because my cousin Elizabeth went vegan as well. I’d been wanting to do it for a while but was kind of scared of how my family would react, even though I had already been vegetarian for almost 3 years. Elizabeth kind of inspired me to do it because she’s even shyer than I am and if she can do it,  I can as well! It’s actually a lot easier than I thought it would be,  but then again I did do it primarily for ethical reasons. 
Here’s a picture from earlier today.. It is raining and I got to wear my hooded poncho for the first time. It’s so comfy! Have a great day, my deers,  and stay warm! ^_^

(Sorry if this is awkward to read, by the way… I have to get used to doing this again!  >.<)

Are We Really So Different?

It is amazing to think that in over 2,000 years human nature hasn’t changed.

Our ways have changed quite a bit culturally but when you look at our general behavior, it has been consistent throughout human history. The pride, the desires, the admiration… all happened even then. They even had jewels and fancy clothes just like we do.

I don’t know….for some reason thinking about this is an interesting and sometimes even comforting thought. We truly are all very different, but are also very much the same.