I dreamt about Jacob last night. He was sleeping, but he was alive. He was a little boy lying in a hospital bed and I loved seeing him there. I have mixed feelings about these types of dreams because on one hand it’s great to reunite with him and Grandma in my dreams but on the other hand, I know it was only in my mind when I wake up and I get depressed about it.

The good feeling often wins though. If there was any way to make these types of dreams feel any more realistic than they already are. I would do it in a heartbeat. Everyone deserves to see their lost loved ones again, even if it’s just in their sleep.



Driven into the wood

I sigh

Only now do I wince

and externally cry.

If only there was some way to escape this,

Surely there must be.

The One who did this first

did it just for me.

My nails press down into my flesh,

piercing without bloodflow.

Suddenly it is over

and I can finally go.

We see that I can once again walk.

But it doesn’t come easy, for still I am like a stalk.

Shucked without mercy, my hands I see,

are still one with the nails

that tore right through me.

The wood is a heavy burden on my chest

Forcing me to heave with never a rest.

How can this be, oh great teacher?

Please give an answer

to this small beseecher.