If you were to ask me who I looked up to, I would have to say Nichole337. Why?

She is a major victim of bullying and yet she manages to keep a smile on her face. This has been going on ever since she posted her first video on Youtube in 2008 of her singing “Should’ve Said No” by Taylor Swift. It wasn’t the best cover, and Nichole had a major overbite up until 2 years ago. She also has Asperger’s Syndrome, which is a mild form of autism. These 3 traits combined don’t make for a good internet life if you put yourself out there. (I’m not saying she should stop what she’s doing; it’s just the unfortunate truth.) Everyday she posts something on one of her multiple social networking accounts and everyday, she gets made fun of for either her appearance or her behavior.

In October of 2012 Nicole had an operation for her jaw, not because of all the bullying, but because she needed it to breathe easier. Unfortunately there have been millions of people who don’t realize this and reprimand her for supposedly getting cosmetic surgery to get rid of the bullies. She has even made a video about it. She has also gotten so much better at singing over the years but unfortunately there are still people from the old Nichole days who still get their kicks out of pushing her down (or trying to, at least). There will always be evil people who try to hurt us but this girl is a great example of how we should deal with them.

Thank you for doing what you do, Nichole. You are a shining light in this dark world and you deserve the very best that this world has to offer you.