Looking to my flesh

I hear the shrieks of pain commence

As they drive those nails into your wrists.

The tears flow down as a river,

Shedding grace for such tiny spectacles like me.

Like a lamb you were led

To your persecution without a sound.

For all your lambs you lost

So we could be found.

The trees are speaking words of love….fear not the surrealism of it all.

Friends and firecrackers fade out, just before the fall.

Visual sense is not to be abandoned

But only withstand the seen

Watch the girl on fire

As she blooms into the green.


Sometimes it’s good to squirm.

That means you’re standing firm.

What if you didn’t flinch?

Running into stars would be a cinch.

Screaming at the fire

Makes your beat drum louder.

Grow in patience,

And virtues shadow the prowler.

Sink into the candle of radiance….

The stars will explode in gradients.

Entering Into Heaven’s Song

Like a blindfolded child,

We dive into the upper-room of reality.

What beautiful music we hear

Once we lose the tightened grip of death that chokes us,

Never knowing where to go,

We learn to hold our Father’s hand.

Diamonds shining like the rainbow,

Radiant as the sun.

The blindfold comes off and the light enters in.

Finally, we’re here.

We’re home!


The ice melts by the fire,

Slowly evolving into a gushing stream from which life can be resuscitated.

The vultures hover over the ice, mindlessly picking at the shards for a moment of relief.

What do they know of the flowing stream which is right in front of them?

Blind buzzards, crawling on their bellies to nip at tiny shreds of lingering follies

Wait for the crushing fingerprints of grace to see you through.

Bring loving hands forth to secure a home of sanctity.

Tears will be no more

When you enter in the door

Of majesty.


What we need is fluttering love,

Not meaty thoughts.

The prison of the profane eros

Is just too much to handle.

Don’t let the naked body take over the naked soul.

Let the soul be free and keep your temporary temple shielded.

Let the Divine take over your mind

And brush the heavyweights of pain away.

A King’s Love

Once He gave her a rose,

The gentle flower was a sign of His devotion to her….

It was a reassurance of the trust she was meant to hold.

What a beautiful rose it was, so sweet and so delicate.

The beauty could fight off any monsters that came toward the princess.

She is finding her way back to the castle.

Innocence is blooming again.

What Love This Is

Such a beautiful thought

that the Father of Love would create us,

only to become us so we could rise back up to meet Him after our fall.

Such love it is

that the One would come down from Heaven and let Himself be tortured for our sake,

so we could be with Him in paradise.

The legend of longing

Has become bread for our life.

What a King we have.

Colors Of the Light

Moments passing by

Spirits saying hello

They see into the other

And suddenly they know.

What the beauty is,

that glistens in the name

of one small being

living for love, not fame.

Part of us are here, we are but half present

Talking with a friendly tone

But raging malevolent.

Such ancient beauty

But really it’s a shame

One apple of wisdom

The God-departed race became.

The one sacrifice is now.

Listen to him as he speaks those words of humility, the very ones that will save you.

Why do you so refuse to believe your King when he so dearly wants to rescue you from this dark world?

Please don’t leave your Savior, not when he has done so much for you.

He is always with us, waiting for us at the altar.

If only you knew…

He is saving you now.

Every day He is here, waiting for us.

All the time He is thirsting for our love.

When will we choose to go

And quench His thirst?

Why shouldn’t we love the One who gave us this life?

He gave us so much beauty to love and admire….let’s fall down in adoration before the king of beauty Himself.

Listen to the angels sing. Watch the demons tremble.

No evil will survive with this much majesty….no wonder they’re afraid!

We have no reason to fear when Love is on our side.

Let go. He is waiting to protect you.

I try to look up

but then get shot down

by the world we live in

and the hatred all around.

Why is it this way?

Why can’t we be

the holy saints that

God made us to be?

Why is our world so dark,

smeared with blood of the innocent?

Someday it will happen….

Someday the joy here will be permanent.


Look up.

The world is brighter up there.

Look up and the world will be a better place.

Look up and the people around you will be happier.

Keep looking up until the sun goes down and your eyes are shut.

Keep looking up when the sun rises once again.

Keep looking up until your time here is up.

I miss band. So much. Can I just scream it to the world? No……but I can say it over and over.
I miss band. I miss band. I miss band. I miss band. I miss band. I miss band. I miss band. I miss band. I miss band. I miss band. I miss band. I miss band. I miss band. I miss band. I miss band. I miss band. I miss band. I miss band. I miss band. I miss band. I miss band. I miss band. I miss band. I miss band. I miss band. I miss band.

There. Even if I was not the best trumpet-player there (far from it actually), I still loved being part of the marching band show and being around my band-mates. Man….what I would give to have one more day of that. No… more WEEK. A week is all I need. If only it would happen. This song reminds me so much of those competitions that went into the night for some reason, and sometimes it makes me want to cry.

No matter the weather,

we were together.

In both rain and shine,

we were in line.

Those marking feet,

all in time.

Those proud words,



Tick, tock.

What says the clock?

It shivers with excitement as

it strolls around the block.

“Almost time!!” it says

As it quietly steps with glee.

“Woo-hoo, it’s here, it’s here!!

Now you’re finally free!!!!”

Crash and burn.

These words make us squirm.

What do we see? What do we know?

How far have you come? How far will you go?

Into the night our bark is smoking.

No time for chuckles, dances, or joking.

It will end, it has to, I know it.

Or maybe it won’t, but that face just won’t show it.

As it turned out, Judy never came last week. I guess she figured it wasn’t worth another shot to try and help babysit Isabela. Oh, well.  My mother and I also went over to their house this past Monday and took Isa to a local park while we watched her, which she seemed to enjoy.