Wishing on a lonely Star, wondering how I’ve come so far….

Wondering how I am, where the barn became the lamb.

When did it leave, or should I know?

The Star shall lead me, where to go.

Beyond the reaches I go by far.

Wandering on, the nightly Star….

Reflections of the cosmos are seen

As footprints dig into the ground.

Listening to the sound of silence

As the new year rolls in,

White rain falls

and earthlings vow to win.

Old turns to dust,

And new begins to shine….

Joy and cheer illuminate the room

As we all sing Auld Lang Syne!

When the world grows black and you’re all alone,

Just gaze upon the King at his throne.

Whatever shall you ask of him,

He shall give reply.

Never will he forsake you,

Nor he pass you by.

We must grow our comfort of

The things which are unknown.

If you pray then never say

That all you do is groan.

A grandma’s tear is all we need

To go out and begin to feed

Our sheep which long for deeper love,

For what is Him, our King above.


Driven into the wood

I sigh

Only now do I wince

and externally cry.

If only there was some way to escape this,

Surely there must be.

The One who did this first

did it just for me.

My nails press down into my flesh,

piercing without bloodflow.

Suddenly it is over

and I can finally go.

We see that I can once again walk.

But it doesn’t come easy, for still I am like a stalk.

Shucked without mercy, my hands I see,

are still one with the nails

that tore right through me.

The wood is a heavy burden on my chest

Forcing me to heave with never a rest.

How can this be, oh great teacher?

Please give an answer

to this small beseecher.

Flushed horrors of the windowsill last,

Windows raising in the times of our cast.

Revealing honor and glory to those who’ve gone by

the faded shadows of G.A.’s body sigh.

If you want to surprise the stoic who

never shows emotion, that’s up to you.

But just be aware that in history’s attempts

Never once was there a loser who 

complained about the fence.

The 5-story-high structure is bound to be succeeded by

One who is even more impossible to try.

What have you got to say, my friends?

This story of jumping hurdles never ends.

Good night.

Dearest Rocky,

I hope you’re with God now. 

All we know is that your pain and suffering is over, 

And that ours has just begun.

Some don’t consider pets as family,

But to me you certainly were one.

It’s so hard to not feel your absence

Especially since you strived to make your presence known.

It must have frightened you to enter that hospital,

Feeling like you were all alone.

The saddest part of all, you see,

is that you didn’t show it to them or me.

You were so unlike yourself today, my brother.

Of course…today was a day unlike any other.

Many tears were shed for you on this icy winter day.

Good night my dearest kitty;

hopefully we will meet again someday.

Shining Light

The music of times past

The rhythm of years passed

Oh no longer will we be

The sons and daughters of Adam and Eve.

Whatever shall we say

On that glorious, moonlit day

When all will be done, 

The battles fought, our wars won?

Will we cry out to the Lord

Or will we speak of our own accord?

Not much longer will we ask,

“Can I have a meal or two

To save up for the bask?”

The time for crying is over and done,

The years of laborious labor are coming to an end.

The one who has saved us, He will once again send.


Mobs rush to face the front lines

Victors win right unwanted for base chides

Dancing on the stars, scratching away the moon.

Exhilaration vanished away by the faults of other balms

They wash away the love of loss, snuffing like baboons.


Looking to my flesh

I hear the shrieks of pain commence

As they drive those nails into your wrists.

The tears flow down as a river,

Shedding grace for such tiny spectacles like me.

Like a lamb you were led

To your persecution without a sound.

For all your lambs you lost

So we could be found.

The trees are speaking words of love….fear not the surrealism of it all.

Friends and firecrackers fade out, just before the fall.

Visual sense is not to be abandoned

But only withstand the seen

Watch the girl on fire

As she blooms into the green.


Sometimes it’s good to squirm.

That means you’re standing firm.

What if you didn’t flinch?

Running into stars would be a cinch.

Screaming at the fire

Makes your beat drum louder.

Grow in patience,

And virtues shadow the prowler.

Sink into the candle of radiance….

The stars will explode in gradients.

Colors Of the Light

Moments passing by

Spirits saying hello

They see into the other

And suddenly they know.

What the beauty is,

that glistens in the name

of one small being

living for love, not fame.

Part of us are here, we are but half present

Talking with a friendly tone

But raging malevolent.

Such ancient beauty

But really it’s a shame

One apple of wisdom

The God-departed race became.

I try to look up

but then get shot down

by the world we live in

and the hatred all around.

Why is it this way?

Why can’t we be

the holy saints that

God made us to be?

Why is our world so dark,

smeared with blood of the innocent?

Someday it will happen….

Someday the joy here will be permanent.

I miss band. So much. Can I just scream it to the world? No……but I can say it over and over.
I miss band. I miss band. I miss band. I miss band. I miss band. I miss band. I miss band. I miss band. I miss band. I miss band. I miss band. I miss band. I miss band. I miss band. I miss band. I miss band. I miss band. I miss band. I miss band. I miss band. I miss band. I miss band. I miss band. I miss band. I miss band. I miss band.

There. Even if I was not the best trumpet-player there (far from it actually), I still loved being part of the marching band show and being around my band-mates. Man….what I would give to have one more day of that. No…..one more WEEK. A week is all I need. If only it would happen. This song reminds me so much of those competitions that went into the night for some reason, and sometimes it makes me want to cry.

No matter the weather,

we were together.

In both rain and shine,

we were in line.

Those marking feet,

all in time.

Those proud words,



Tick, tock.

What says the clock?

It shivers with excitement as

it strolls around the block.

“Almost time!!” it says

As it quietly steps with glee.

“Woo-hoo, it’s here, it’s here!!

Now you’re finally free!!!!”

Crash and burn.

These words make us squirm.

What do we see? What do we know?

How far have you come? How far will you go?

Into the night our bark is smoking.

No time for chuckles, dances, or joking.

It will end, it has to, I know it.

Or maybe it won’t, but that face just won’t show it.

Pink Rage

Unheard words they obey.

Unseen faces they destroy.

“Woman are superior!!” They cry, unknowing of what they chant.

Yet they endanger the lives of mothers, wives, and aunts.

What is it they believe

That makes it dangerous to conceive?

Orange over blue.

The fire wants to burn you.

Their bloodthirst is high,

Something no one can deny.

See the hallow words they spout,

Hoping their leaders will come about.

Splattered in a blank conscience.

Waiting for revenge on the serene.

Waiting to erase the truth

Which by dirty eyes cannot be seen.

Death of a Shining Nation.

“More, more!!” They cried, bashing down the gates.

“Come on, give us more!! Why aren’t we getting more? Can’t you see we’re starving?”

The warriors of shame charged on to invade their last hopes, following an illusion.

What are the meek meant to do

In the shadows of this day?

In Lady Liberty’s darkest hour, all we can do

Is listen, hope, and pray.