The flames of life burned bright today,

Licking up the streets as they passed over the rubble road.

The bridge to eternity will be crossed by many that bore witness to the heat of this fire.

Never again will satan win this round of shock, for his ways are desperate and ours full of joy.

Light illuminates darkness, just as love eliminates hatred.

Let the flames blaze on.


The ice melts by the fire,

Slowly evolving into a gushing stream from which life can be resuscitated.

The vultures hover over the ice, mindlessly picking at the shards for a moment of relief.

What do they know of the flowing stream which is right in front of them?

Blind buzzards, crawling on their bellies to nip at tiny shreds of lingering follies

Wait for the crushing fingerprints of grace to see you through.

Bring loving hands forth to secure a home of sanctity.

Tears will be no more

When you enter in the door

Of majesty.


What we need is fluttering love,

Not meaty thoughts.

The prison of the profane eros

Is just too much to handle.

Don’t let the naked body take over the naked soul.

Let the soul be free and keep your temporary temple shielded.

Let the Divine take over your mind

And brush the heavyweights of pain away.

A King’s Love

Once He gave her a rose,

The gentle flower was a sign of His devotion to her….

It was a reassurance of the trust she was meant to hold.

What a beautiful rose it was, so sweet and so delicate.

The beauty could fight off any monsters that came toward the princess.

She is finding her way back to the castle.

Innocence is blooming again.


Look up.

The world is brighter up there.

Look up and the world will be a better place.

Look up and the people around you will be happier.

Keep looking up until the sun goes down and your eyes are shut.

Keep looking up when the sun rises once again.

Keep looking up until your time here is up.