Hello, my deers!

It’s been a while!  :O

I’ve been so busy with work,  family, and other stuff that I haven’t really thought to post on here! Easter is in a couple of weeks and this year, my grandpa and I will be going down to North Carolina for that weekend to see my cousin Elizabeth get baptized into the Catholic church! I’m so excited because I’m going down there to be her sponsor and I’ve never gotten to to be anyone’s sponsor before!  😀

I’ve kind of jumped back into my faith full throttle since the last time I posted on here….also, although I’m still very much a veg(etari)an, I do occasionally eat meat and dairy now. I’m not super hardcore about it like I was before, but I do still tend to avoid animal products and hate seeing phrases like “ground up turkey/sausage”. Basically, I’ve been trying to find a healthy balance between caring for God’s creation and following the natural order of things, since it does say that we are allowed to eat animals in the Bible and that God gave them to us for consumption. God created everything, so who are we to deny what He says and does? 
I can’t think of anything else to say at the moment, so have a great day,  and God bless! ❤

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