Happy new year!!!!

It’s been a while! My mother has been home from the hospital for a while now, almost a month! She still struggles with certain things, but the good thing is that she was able to come home before Christmas!! 😀 (She was in the hospital during Thanksgiving this last year, and that day just wasn’t the same without her.) We have also finally seen the new Star Wars movie, and actually, we saw it twice. The first time we saw it, we went with my parents’ friends and their children. The second time we saw it, we went with my relatives who were in town. It was amazing and of course, I have fallen for the villain once again. (Don’t ask me why….I hardly understand it myself) I am Kylo/Reylo”trash”, as other fans call themselves. I know it’s weird but there’s just something so fascinating about him and the connection he has with Rey. Unless those two end up being related or something else weird like that, I totally ship it. I love the idea of Rey possibly leading Kylo to the light side because of his love for her!! And…..Adam Driver is already signed up for the next two movies so there’s hope for this ship to become canon! That would be so cool, and it would be the perfect counterpart to what happened between Anakin and Padme!!!! Anyway….we may be seeing the movie again in 3-D this week, and that would be pretty exciting as well. ^_^

I guess that’s it for now…have a great day!!

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